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Alborz today:

The economical base for Karaj is its proximity to Tehran, where transportation of products between the capital and the Caspian Sea is central. Chemicals, fertilizers and processed agricultural goods are also produced here.

The majority of the population of the city is composed of ethnic Persians who are natives to the city but there are also a minority of Persianized Lurs, Persianized Azarbaijanis and Persianized Kurds.

It is connected by freeway, railway to Tehran 40 km east and Qazvin 100 km northwest, and by commuter rail to Tehran subway system.

Amir Kabir dam and small lakes are based here. Karaj's climate is a bit cooler than Tehran and it receives 260 mm of rain annually.

The downtown of Karaj is usually referred to Karaj Square, located hundred of meters to the West of Karaj River and the old Karaj Bridge.

Payam Special Economic Zone & Payam international cargo airport, have been located outside Mehrshahr.

Certain academic centers of Karaj include:

Karaj has introduced several national players for a wide range of national teams. Karaj has a multi-purpose stadium; the 'Enghelab', with capacity of 15,000 people. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home of football team, Saipa F.C. Karaj is home to Saipa F.C. one the IPL major Football teams as of 2001. Karaj also have a Tennis Park in Jahanshahr.

The ski resorts of Dizin and Khur are situated close to Karaj in the Alborz Mountains. Besides Skiing facilities in Dizin, there are tennis courtyards, slope for skiing on turf, some altitudes for mountain climbing and walking as well as riding and some routes for cycling.

The high altitude mountains have made it easy for people in Karaj to use them as mountain trail for hiking and mountain climbing. There are also many private gums and clubs that are being utilized.

Karaj has traditionally been considered as a favorable tourism area particularly for the people from Tehran. Karaj has a pleasant climate in all four seasons. It is very famous for the natural attractions. The beautiful Alborz Mountains provide a natural beauty to the landscape of Karaj.

The stony fire-temple of Takht-e-Rostam belongs to Parthians and Sassanian eras, as well as the Soleimanieh palace (which is currently part of the Agriculture faculty of University of Tehran), Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, a pre-Islamic bridge and the mausolum of Shahzadeh Soleiman are among Karaj's cutural heritage.

Karaj is also the starting point for a pleasant drive along spectacular road forced north through the alborz mountain to the Caspian Sea.

Here are some main Karaj resorts:

Amir Kabir Dam (aka Karaj Dam) and Amir Kabir Dam Lake in the road of Chalus. This area is used for sports such as canoeing, fishing, water skiing, swimming and gliding.

  • Atashgah
  • Khanevadeh Park - biking roads
  • Road to Chaloos, which is the most beautiful road in Iran
  • Jahanshahr Gardens
  • Tulip Garden in Gachsar
  • Tennis Park
  • Iranzamin Park
  • Park of Madar
  • Golha Garden
  • Mahestan Shopping Center
  • Arangeh Valley
  • Varian Village; the only means of accessibility to the village of Varian is by canoe from the lake of the dam.[7]
  • Baraghan Village
  • Taleghan Gardens
  • Taleghan dam lake
  • Agasht
  • Dizin ski resort at an attitude of 3,800 m. above sea-level in the Chaloos road
  • Khur ski resort
  • Karaj River, This river is about 220 km in length
  • Yakh Morad Cave, the cave is situated in the district of Gachsar. Low temperature within the cave is as such that even till the months of May/June icicles can be still observed here.
  • Pole khab valley
  • Jey and Charan Villages
  • Sijan Village
  • Vineh
  • Kordan Gardens
  • Pich Adran Waterfall, at 15 km Chaloos road
  • Wallah spring water
  • Gila-gila spring water
  • Shah Abbasi Caravanserai; The medieval Caravanserai in Karaj
  • The stony fire-temple of Takht-e-Rostam[8]
  • Kakh-e Morvarid or kakh-e Shams (Pearl Palace) in Mehrshahr
  • Ancient bridge of Karaj
  • Ghale' Dehshad (Dehshad citadel)
  • Ghale' Faramarz (Faramarz citadel)
  • Emamzadeh Taher
  • Soleimanieh palace, which is currently part of the Agriculture faculty of University of Tehran
  • Emamzadeh Rahman Palang Abad,
  • The mausolum of Shahzadeh Soleiman

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